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Spartan Sharpener

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Sharpens the dullest knives easily! Hone your knives at home to professional grade razor sharpness with the power and precision of our diamond wheel.

Equipped with Industrial crushed diamonds, the Spartan Sharpener hones all straight blade knives to a razor sharpness, without the hassle of proper technique. The wheel is set to 22° to create the perfect edge on every ceramic and steel blade knife in your kitchen. 

Lifetime Guarantee

We offer a lifetime guarantee on all breakage, bending, snaping, or general dulling of the blades (within 20 years) on both our Spartan Peelers and Spartan Shredders.

In the unlikely event your Spartan Kitchen tool is damaged, please take a photo of your damaged product as well as a photo of our Spartan logo on the handle and send it to

A teammember will happily help you with your inquiry and getting a replacement product to you.

How To Use

Long Vegetables - carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, etc.

Hold vegetable so the base is resting against the cutting board and the top of the vegetable is resting upright in your fingers. Because of the double-sided blade, you can peel in both directions – up and down.

Smaller round fruits/vegetables – Potatoes, tomatoes, apples, etc.

Hold fruit in non-dominant hand, place thumb of dominant hand at the base of the fruit/vegetable closest to your body to help anchor the peeler and peel towards yourself. This allows for more control and protects your fingers from the peeler blade.

For full instructions see How To Use Your Spartan Peeler

Care and Cleaning

Each peeler is made with a Japanese stainless steel blade - capable of retaining its sharpness for 20 years with proper care.


All Spartan products may be cleaned on the top rack of your dishwasher, although we highly recommend you hand washed and dry all Spartan products to preserve the sharpness of the blades.


Spartan Peelers are the sharpest peelers on the market comparable to a professional chefs’ tool. Please use care when using near fingers. When storing, use the safety cap provided. To remove the cap, hold the top and bottom of the cap and just pull it straight off.

When placing the safety cap back on your peeler, use your thumb to place the blade to one side and roll the cap on starting at the top of the blade and work your way to the bottom.

Voila! Now slip it in with your other favourite utensils until the next time you're ready to peel something fun.

    Spartan Sharpener
    Spartan Sharpener

    Now you can up your food game AND save time.

    • Cuts Meal Prep In Half

      Making salad rolls, zucchini pastas, Thai salads, and coleslaws have become that much easier

    • Sustainable

      With no plastic handle and an entire metal core, these tools can last for decades.

    • Ergonomic Handles

      The comfortable latex-free grip is comfortable to hold and resistant to tears and abrasions. Even for those with mobility issues.

    • Guaranteed Not To Break

      With proper care your Spartan tools should last you forever. We actually guarantee it.


    Do you offer free shipping?

    We do! If your purchase is $70 or more and you live in Canada, your shipping is free. Under $70 we will ship your order anywhere in Canada for just $5.

    How long will my order take to get to me?

    All orders are packaged and shipped the within 1-2 business days. Unless otherwise paid for, all order will be shipped via Canada Post Standard Mail, therefore no tracking number will be provided.

    Please expect all orders to arrive 7-10 business days once you checkout. If you would like a tracking number or your order to arrive sooner, please ensure you select that option upon checkout.

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    We do our best to keep our website updated with ONLY products that are in stock. If we see an order with an out of stock product, we will quickly notify you to let you know when the product will be back in stock, and to process a refund if necessary.

    Do you offer refunds?

    We offer refunds within 15 days of receiving your order. Please note that all return shipping of your purchase will be paid for by the customer.

    Refunds will be returned back onto the method of payment used while checking out.