Spartan peeler with Japanese-steel blade and black ergonomic handle lays on cutting board with field tomatoes and a large carrot

How To Use Your Spartan Peeler

Yay! You've got yourself a new Spartan Peeler-meal prep is going to be a breeze. 

First Things First (We Mean Safety)

Spartan Peelers are the sharpest peelers on the market comparable to a professional chefs’ tool. Please use care when using near fingers. When storing, use the safety cap provided. To remove the cap, hold the top and bottom of the cap and just pull it straight off.

When placing the safety cap back on your peeler, use your thumb to place the blade to one side and roll the cap on starting at the top of the blade and work your way to the bottom.

Voila! Now slip it in with your other favourite utensils until the next time you're ready to peel something fun.

Now for the instruction part. Here's how to peel:

Long Vegetables - carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, etc.

Hold vegetable so the base is resting against the cutting board and the top of the vegetable is resting upright in your fingers. Because of the double-sided blade, you can peel in both directions – up and down.

This cuts peeling time in half. Take care near your fingers (remember the part above about the blades being really sharp?). You can also run the blade across the top and bottom of the vegetable to get rid of the stems and unwanted tips.

Smaller round fruits/vegetables – Potatoes, kiwi tomatoes, mangoes, apples, peaches, etc.

Hold fruit in non-dominant hand, place thumb of dominant hand at the base of the fruit/vegetable closest to your body to help anchor the peeler and peel towards yourself. This allows for more control and protects your fingers from the peeler blade.

Note: Follow this same method when using the hook to make sticks from the fruit/vegetable. Dig the hook in as deep as it can go and maneuver the hook towards your thumb that is closest to your body. If you evenly space these little grooves around the vegetable, you can then run the blade across the top of it to create a template for garnishes or fun snacks for children. Use the hook in potato eyes by inserting the hook and twisting in a clockwise position.

Tough skinned vegetables – Squash

Cut squash into 1/6th or 1/8th sections. Hold squash like a pistol and place peeler blade on a 45° angle starting from the outside of the squash - peel squash skin away from yourself working your way towards the centre. Continue this method for the rest of the squash.

If you notice that the blade is getting caught in the squash skin, make sure your peeler blade is facing a 45° angle. This ensures the teeth on the blade do not get stuck in the squash skin. The peeler can also be used to remove the inside strings and seeds.

Layered vegetables – Cabbage, onions

Cut vegetable in half. Start peeler on the edge of the cut and run the blade up and down the length of the vegetables’ edge. Keep moving the blade across the edges created when shredding the surface of the vegetable.

Slicing – Cheese, chocolate, butter, pickles, carrots, etc.

Place peeler blade along the top of the surface for things like cheese, butter, and chocolate and run the blade straight down. This will create thin slices of each that are perfect for melting or for decoration on top of a dish.

If you would like to create long slices of vegetables, cut in half lengthwise, and run peeler blade across the length of the vegetable for thin, long slices. You can create the perfect pickle slice for sandwiches, homemade baked vegetable chips with carrots and parsnips, or try with zucchini for a linguini-like alternative to noodles for pastas.

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