SPARTAN Kitchen Products - Spartan Kitchen Products
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 Proudly Canadian Owned. For Everyone.

Crafted with superior Japanese stainless steel, SPARTAN peelers are renowned for their precision, durability, and efficiency.

Our SPARTAN Trio option is perfect for gifts – use the discount code 20OFF to buy three of our SPARTAN tools for $59.99!

The SPARTAN Shredder is crafted with a high-quality julienne blade. It’s the perfect addition to add some flair to your meals!

Equipped with crushed diamonds, The SPARTAN Sharpener will hone a beautiful edge on your knives with no guesswork.

Great for gifts or for the chef in your home, this SPARTAN variety pack allows you to mix and match our two popular models for $49.99!


Spartan peelers hold their edges unlike any other. Crafted with superior Japanese Stainless Steel, each blade has a double-sided serrated edge that will grip, slice and shred with ease.


Renowned for precision, efficiency and durability. Comfortable for left handers, arthritis, wrist injuries or stress issues.


Every Spartan Peeler is guaranteed to never bend, snap or break. Just one of the many reasons to choose Spartan; They are the last peelers you’ll ever need to buy.



Spartan Kitchen products bring professional chef’s utensils into your home, ensuring the best quality results every time, for life.