Spartan Shredder with extra-sharp Japanese-steel blades lays on a cutting board beside shredded carrot and zucchini

How To Use Your Spartan Shredder

Finally! Now you can julienne your favourite vegetables like a professional chef.

But, safety first.

Spartan Shredders are the sharpest peelers on the market, comparable to a professional chefs’ tool. Please use care when using near fingers. When storing your shredder, use the safety cap provided to protect against delicate fingertips.

To remove the clear protective cap that comes with your Spartan Shredder, hold the top and bottom of the cap and pull straight off. Please ensure the blue plastic film is removed from the blade before use.

Now, how to shred the heck out  of those vegetables.

You will only have success with the shredder when the SPARTAN logo – located on the flat part of the handle – is facing up towards you. The safest and easiest way to use the Shredder is to place the vegetable on a cutting board for stability when pulling the blade down on the vegetable.

For best results, press evenly down on the shredder providing even pressure.

Denser vegetables like carrots and beets will need more pressure on the blade while cucumbers and zucchini will need less pressure. Round fruit and vegetables are easiest to shred when a fork is used to hold it in place on the cutting board.

Pro Tip: Imagine holding the vegetable on a flat surface with your non-dominant hand and pulling the blade towards your dominant side. This helps keep your fingers out of the way and allows you to maintain even pressure while using the shredder.

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